Since its foundation, forty years ago, Têxtil Canatiba seeks in technology the path to transformation and modernization of the jeanswear market – the most competitive textile segment.

Having, among its customers, the main brands of Europe, South America, Central America and Africa, Canatiba continuously invests in trend and industrial process research in order to turn ideas into permanent innovation.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, Canatiba operates with certified processes, and uses environmentally friendly inputs that reduces emission of gases, allows for water reuse, complying with the latest sustainable protocols in the world.

The showroom in city of São Paulo performs marketing actions focused in the customer in order to introduce in the national and international market the vanguard of jeanswear universe.

According to Canatiba, the technology is more than a productive need. With it, the company translates behavior tendencies in consumption products, taking denim to satisfy the desire, every season.